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Spring has Sprung

By April 27, 2021April 30th, 2021No Comments

Winter’s dull gray has waned; spring’s vibrant color has blossomed.  That other winter – “pandemic winter” – is winding down with the birth of “vaccination spring” and a glimpse of “normal summer” on the horizon.  Normal has never looked so good.

Sometimes the angst of uncertain times and events, such as a global pandemic, spurs us to examine our life…and the end of it.  Many of us have been touched by COVID-19 in a personal way, and many have lost someone to this terrible virus.  I would bet that all surviving adults, at some point, somberly wondered if they would contract COVID-19, be hospitalized or die.  Our mortality is often something we don’t want to think about or discuss, but COVID-19 put the possibility of our own death front and center.  And, frankly, that just might be a good thing.

Are you feeling a little more grateful?  Are the colors a little brighter this spring?  Are the things you love to do a little more enjoyable?  When you finally got to hug your kids or grandkids or best friends, did you linger in that embrace a little longer?  That’s what thinking about our demise does.  It makes us appreciate life a little more.

Thinking about and preparing for our inevitable death or a serious medical event also helps us appreciate life a little more and is a smart thing to do.  When is the best time to prepare?  Now.  Let me help.  And when you’re done, I guarantee that you will enjoy life a little more.