Put your affairs in order
& your mind at ease

Autumn of Life Planning provides guidance to clients as they explore their wishes for the end of life.  Through a process of introspection and the creation of an “Important File” containing their instructions and documents, clients will gain peace of mind knowing their affairs are in order.

Ask yourself:

If I became seriously ill, would those closest to me know my health care wishes?

If I died tomorrow, would they know about arrangements already made?

Would they be able to easily find everything needed to navigate the winding down of my life?

If your answers to these questions bring about an uneasy feeling, you are not alone.  For many, making preparations for a serious illness, debilitating accident or death is daunting.  Linda Suhr at Autumn of Life Planning has developed a thoughtful and manageable process for addressing essential matters relating to the end of life.  She will review what you have in place and what you may need to consider.  After exploring your values and wishes, she will guide you in an encouraging yet straight-forward way to create an “Important File.”  This file is organized with documents and information that your loved ones or designated agent will need to carry out your wishes when you can no longer speak for yourself.


Thinking about and preparing for the possibility of a serious medical event or the inevitable end of life can seem overwhelming.  At Autumn of Life Planning, we believe that making preparations and organizing documents that express personal wishes need not be a formidable task.  By taking manageable steps, Autumn of Life Planning supports clients through this process in a meaningful way.


Comprehensive Plan

  • Explore wishes and needs about end-of-life matters
  • Offer guidance for organizing health, legal and financial documents
  • Provide referrals to professionals, as needed
  • Suggest methods for organizing home technology and other practical information
  • Educate about options for planning after-death services
  • Discuss and, if desired, set up personal legacy plan for how client wishes to be remembered
  • Create a tangible and digital “Important File” containing all end-of-life instructions and important documents

(recommended plan)

Basic Plan

  • Review “Important File” document checklist
  • Oversee client’s gathering of health, legal, financial and other documents
  • Discuss setting up personal legacy plan for how client wishes to be remembered
  • Support and guide client’s completion of tangible and digital “Important File” containing all end-of-life instructions and important documents

Consultation By the Hour

  • Review current plan and recommend where to fill in gaps
  • Consult on specific topics, such as:
    • advance health care directives
    • choosing the right health care agent
    • finding a trust attorney or fiduciary
    • options for “solo agers” (those without close relatives)
    • green burials
    • home funerals
    • letters to loved ones
    • personal legacy creation and more
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About Linda Suhr

Linda is an educator at heart.  After 25 years in the K-12 classroom and eight years of supporting her beloved partner through his journey with Alzheimer’s Disease and his death, she decided to make a change for her next chapter.  Though her partner had planned well, he had neglected to update his trust, which caused conflict between the beneficiaries and a year and a half of strife and stress.  Through practical experience serving as Trustee, Linda learned firsthand the importance of good planning and the pitfalls of leaving things undone.  After this experience, Linda was moved to educate herself in all matters relating to the end of life so that she could help others make a thorough end-of-life plan that would serve as a gift for their loved ones and allow them to enjoy life.

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What a pleasure it is to work with Linda Suhr on our end of life planning. When it comes to coaching her clients through the process of gathering important papers and information and completing their planning, Linda is super organized, trustworthy, knowledgeable and compassionate. She is a treasure for anyone who wants to get their affairs in order. I feel such peace of mind knowing I can quickly grab my important documents and go in case of evacuation or emergency. I highly recommend her!

Osha Hayden

I thought I was pretty organized and had everything in order until I asked Linda to share her expertise with me. In the process of using her document checklist I discovered a death benefit I didn’t even know I had. It then occurred to me that the pre-paid cremation service I had bought in the past was redundant. Linda is gentle, and thorough, and understands that everyone is unique. I feel like the plan we made together is personally tailored to me and it gives me great peace of mind knowing we thoroughly explored all necessary aspects to put my affairs in good order. I highly recommend her.

Christine Finn

As the daughter of one of Linda's clients, I am so grateful for the guidance she has provided my parents as they put together difficult but important information. It is not an easy conversation to have with our loved ones, but it is so helpful and will be even more appreciated when the time comes to know everything is in order and we can honor our loved ones' wishes.

Emily Finn

Linda has been amazing in helping me get my affairs in order. I thought I was prepared until my husband passed away and then I realized how much more I need to consider documenting so that my family would know all of my wishes if something unexpected happened to me.

Karen Donnelly